How long will my CV take to process?

Our aim is to get a draft CV to you within 48 hours from when order is received.

What happens after I have placed my order?

Once your order has been received, it will be allocated to a consultant, who will acknowledge that your order is being processed. We may have to contact you either by phone or email (whichever you prefer) to clarify points on your application or CV to get it absolutely correct before we send the draft version out for your approval.

What if I am not entirely happy with the CV produced?

Our aim is to make sure you are entirely happy with your CV and we will continue to work together until you are completely satisfied; this is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to you!


Here at The Fantastic CV Company Ltd we have over 40 years experience within the recruitment and Human Resources sectors and know that presentation of a ‘good’ CV will get you one step ahead of other applicants. We know how to tailor your CV to match the job criteria you are applying for or sending to speculative companies. By all means you can devise your own CV and maybe you have which is great! You may just need that edge to get you past other candidates and we can help you get there by creating a professional CV which will last you for years to come!

How will you communicate with me?

We work primarily via email, post, fax and phone, there is no need to see you in person, we understand that clients lead busy lives and will work together to ensure we can communicate with you at times to suit you.

How can I contact you?

To contact us via email: info@fantasticcv.co.uk
To contact us via post: The Fantastic CV Company Ltd, Fir Tree Manor, 8 Elveley Drive, West Ella, HU10 7RU
To contact us via phone: 01482 238764 To contact us via fax: 01405 837945

Why pay on order?

This shows your commitment with your order, eliminates bad debts, chasing clients for payments which would jeopardises client relationships and keeping our costs down and our fees to a minimum. This is common practise in a ‘service’ industry; we guarantee all our work and will work with our clients until they are fully satisfied with the work produced.

How do I pay?

You can place your order online (which is the fastest and quickest way) by completing our online order form and paying by credit / debit card and Paypal (which is fully secure)
We are also happy to accept payments by cheque or postal order if you prefer (although your order will not be allocated until payment is received).

Do I need to fill out all of your application form?

Only if you don’t have an existing CV which will cover all the questions on the application form. We have included an easy to complete application form as some clients have never attempted to write a CV, this covers all the information we need to prepare your professional draft CV for your approval.

Do you keep my CV on file in case I want to make changes later?

We find that once a client has paid for a professional CV they can generally update it accordingly themselves eliminating any further costs. We do keep client CV’s on file for three years, giving you the option for us to offer our services again if you so wish.

How many copies do I get?

The fee charged are our consultancy fees in preparing your Professional CV, you will get a copy via email to save on your hard drive, or one copy via post depending on the way you ordered. We also offer CV’s on memory sticks and printed copies at additional costs if you so wish.

What are your fees?

We don’t believe in charging excessive amounts we believe in charging you the right amount and giving you 100% customer service and satisfaction guaranteed
Our fees are simple:
Starter CV (School / University leaver) £29.50
Professional CV up to 5 years work history £39.50
Professional CV up to 10 years work history £44.50
Professional CV over 10 years work history £49.50
Please note: If you have been employed with the same company in the same job for a longer period than 10 years we are happy to prepare your CV for you at the under 10 years fee, more work is involved when clients have held several positions within several different companies over the 10
We also offer various covering letters all priced at £15.00

How do I order?

We understand that our clients are very busy people our aim is to make ordering as easy as possible allowing our clients to choose whatever means they prefer; however, ordering online is still the quickest and easiest method for most clients.

To order via post / fax please email us here or call us on 07584023609 

If you have any additional questions which we haven’t covered please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help!