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New Review

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Thank you to Andrea for posting another excellent review praising the professional CV and cover letter that we wrote for her-the magical figure of 300 reviews is drawing closer


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Great to see that unemployment is at its lowest figure for 8 years-maybe there will soon be no need for the companies offering professional CV and cover writing services-I hope not!

New reviews

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Thank you very much Elizabeth and Stephanie for 2 great reviews of the services of the Fantastic CV Company Limited, they are delighted with their new professional CVs and cover letters I wish them both well in the future

Another review from a delighted customer

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I found Trevor a very approachable person who gives sound advice and guides you through the process of cv and cover letter which was of great help for me who has not had a cv for 15 years and needed assistance in new up to date methods which current employers look for. Also Trevor is very patient and after the first draft we communicated via email to alter a few things until we both felt it was ideal for me, I even showed the finished work to a friend who takes interviews for a banking company and was very impressed by my cv so I would. Defiantly recommend Trevor for anyone in need of professional cv.

How long should a CV be ?

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I see some really long CVs, the longest has been 11 pages !!!

The answer really is 2 maximum, unless you really do have too much information to get onto 2 pages but out of the 1000s I have written, less than 5 will have gone onto more than 2 pages

CV Review

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Please take advantage of our free CV review, your CV may not need a full redesign and so may be cheaper for you, you can also see our recommendations before you pay for a professional CV to be written

School Leavers and graduates

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Very busy with these CVs at the moment, I see some terrible hand written ones , you have spent 11 years at least studying to get good results then try and write your own CV to showcase your skills and strengths, when a starter CV is only ¬£30 …why ?