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Latest 5 Star review for The Fantastic CV Company Ltd

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I contacted Trevor as my current CV. Was a mess, I had edited it so many times that the information was confusing me never mind potential employers. The CV that I had deterred me from applying for jobs. I could think of nothing worse than sitting for nights on end trying to make sense of it all. I contacted Trevor and BANG he understood exactly what I needed and compiled a CV. That is very professional that included everything in 1 day. Yes or I can’t thank you enough, impecaple service and attention to detail.


Thank you Lisa!

Latest 5 star review

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Outstanding service from start to finish. My CV and cover letter look amazing. Trevor communicated really well with me and advised me so well, taking all the relevent information. There is no way I could of got anywhere close to how well Trevor has done. I had two cvs created for different roles I’m applying for and the pricing was excellent. If you are in two minds about using Trevor please don’t hesitate to get in touch with him,you won’t be disappointed. The service was efficient, excellent
value, professional and easy for me.

Thank you Donna


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We now have 419 reviews from satisfied customers of The Fantastic CV Company who have had professional CVs written by our company


Here are a few examples

Ann Miller

In the past I have always written my own C. V and covering letter and it has been an energy draining experience. I would agonise over every word and as such lose sight of what I was trying to say. Even after numerous re-writes I was rarely felt satisfied with the final result.

Recently I found myself requiring another C. V but this time I decided to do something different and hand it over to the experts. I wanted a pain free experience and this is precisely what I got.

Trevor was very professional from the outset. I decided to call him first to get a clearer idea of the process. Trevor explained it simply and with clarity and put my mind at ease. I decided I wanted a new C. V. So I gathered together all the relevant information and sent it to Trevor via his contact email. Trevor responded informing me of the exact date that a draft copy would be sent. I received the draft on that date. I checked over the document and then as he had requested gave him a list of adjustments. I also included more information about myself which I had forgotten in the initial correspondence. The next day I received the revised document which was perfect. I now have a very current, professionally written C. V. And covering letter
I am extremely grateful to Trevor for his efficiency, accuracy and kindness. He was professional throughout and delivered everything I asked for on the specified date. It was a quick and painless experience and I would highly recommend his services.

400 Plus Reviews

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Thank you to all of the clients of The Fantastic CV Company who have posted reviews of their professional CV.

We now have over 400 which is 100 more than our closest competitor and proves that we are the industry leaders

395 reviews now

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Thank you to all our valuable clients who have had their CVs professionally written by The Fantastic CV Company Limited   We now have 395 reviews from delighted clients   Thank you everyone-soon be up to 400

New review today

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Thank you Wendy for the review after The Fantastic CV Company wrote a professional CV for Josh and gave him advice on how to secure his dream position-review below

Excellent service offered by Trevor. After 8 months of applying for jobs my son was losing heart – Trevor offered him excellent advice and constructive comments in a friendly positive manner and re-drafted his CV along with a covering letter within 24 hours of contact.

New review

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Thank you Lucy for the review below after the Fantastic CV Company wrote Lucy a Professional CV and Cover Letter


I contacted Trevor and within literally hours had the most fantastic, professional CV and cover letter in my inbox!
The service is very personal and I felt extremely confident giving my details over and wasn’t disappointed with the results!
I had the details of this fantastic company due to my Mum using them previously and hers was so good she went on to get 3 interviews in one week and is now doing her dream job!
If you are in doubt about spending the money instead of doing it yourself, just go for it you will be very happy you did!


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The Fantastic CV Company how has over 380 testimonials who have had professional CVs and cover letters designed by us-next stop 400 !


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Calling all graduates, if you are looking for a company to design you a Fantastic CV that will appeal to recruiters for either a placement of after graduation then The Fantastic CV Company is the place to be, we are hugely experienced in designing Graduate CVs