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School Leavers and graduates

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Very busy with these CVs at the moment, I see some terrible hand written ones , you have spent 11 years at least studying to get good results then try and write your own CV to showcase your skills and strengths, when a starter CV is only £30 …why ?

Date of Birth

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Should this be included on a CV ? I am always asked view is that no it shouldn’t, you should be judged on skills and experience and age should not be a consideration

Good news on unemployment!

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Good news from the government figures released today showing 99,000 less people out of work than 3 months ago, and the jobless figure is the lowest for 4 and a half years.

My experience tells me there are a lot of part time positions and a large number of people going self employed as “reluctant entrepreneurs”.

Online jobsites

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Now that you have received your professional CV, make sure you register it on relevant jobsites such as:


This will allow recruiters to find you without you even knowing they are recruiting.

250 Testimonials

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A bit of a memorable day for us today as we received our 250th testimonial on the site, with an average score of 4.9/5 and 217 clients giving us a full 5 out of 5 rating, making us STILL the number 1 ranked CV writing company in the country.

Font and Size

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Which is the right font to use and size, is a question I am often asked. We use Arial 11 which, after trying many including Garamond and TNR is easiest to read, and welcomed by recruiters. 11 is the standard font size unless the amount of information to be included cannot be included in the 2 pages allowed for the CV, in which case we will use size 10.


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Do you use LinkedIn ? It is a great way for potential recruiters to have a look at your personality, contacts and posts when looking for clients to interview. It is also really useful to identify the right person in the recruitment team of the company you want to work for so you can send them your CV directly.

January change of career

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December is always quiet in the recruiting industry, but January is exceptionally busy, use the time over the holiday period to update your CV and be ready to go in the new year when your new years resolution is….” I must get a new job..”